Fydelity - FI-HI Fanny Pack 2 Pockets w/Bluetooth Speakers-Neon Dots


They're back! Grab a pair of Skidz, some shell toes, your Wayfarers and you'll be good to go. Fydelity's FI-HI Speaker fanny packs mash-up Beat Street and Muscle Beach for some groovy new skool jams. The perfect outdoor accessory, FI-HI bags big pockets to carry all your gadgets. Keeping you heads up and hands-free. Essential survival gear for roller skating, festivals, concerts, or a day at the beach.
Fydelity's FI-HI Speaker fanny packs have a built-in Bluetooth amplifier and speakers that let you listen to music without headphones. FI-HI's connect to any smartphone. Bring your beats to the streets or just bust some jams with your friends while "Listening Outside the Box".