Fydelity - Brick Bag |Festival Crossbody Sling |Tie-Dye Splash


����� GO HANDS-FREE! You need a place to carry your essentials without being overloaded. Keep your gear near and your�����hands free in style. FYDELITY- Crossbody Festival Sidekick Brick bags are great for your go-go lifestyle. The small�����compact design means you can get around without banging your bag on other people and you can keep your hands�����free while getting your boogie on at the latest summer music festival. Hipster / Fashionista Millennials.
����� SIZE MATTERS! Leave behind that bulky backpack from your middle school daze and strap on a FYDELITY Crossbody�����Festival Sidekick Brick bag. The Crossbody Festival Sidekick Brick bag fits just the right amount of gear to keep your�����hands free and your gear under wrap.